Liquidity Pool

Add liquidity to receive LP tokens

  • What Is a Liquidity Provider
    • Meaning
      A liquidity provider is a user who funds a liquidity pool with crypto assets he/she owns to facilitate trading on the platform and earn passive income on his/her deposit.
    • Importance
      While trading illiquid trading pairs on order book-based exchanges could lead to suffering from great slippage and the inability to execute trades, the advantage of liquidity providers is that trades can always be executed as long as the liquidity pools are big enough. For this reason, liquidity providers are seen as trade facilitators and paid with the transaction fees paid for the trades that they enabled.
    • How much do they get?
      How much liquidity providers are paid is based on the percentage of the liquidity pool that they provide. When funding the pool, they are usually required to fund two different assets to enable traders to switch between one to the other by trading them in pairs.
  • Advantages of being a liquidity provider
    • Share of fees
      Automated Market Maker Swap (eg. Uniswap protocol) incentivizes users to add liquidity to trading pools by rewarding providers with the fees generated when other users trade with those pools.
    • Low entry barriers
      Unlike traditional finance, almost anyone can act as an LP. You don't need to start out with millions, but rather deposit small accounts and slowly make bigger profits.
    • Financial freedom
      Although funds are locked when you deposit them in the smart contract, they can be withdrawn anytime. If you don't want to continue providing liquidity for a certain pair, you can take it back.
Become a Liquidity Provider
Fill in the information below and confirm
1. Choose a Token to Apply Liquidity
2. Choose a Platform Token to Join
3. Choose the Platform to Operate Liquidity
4. Determine the Amount to Add in Liquidity
5. Check/Approve the amount to invest
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6. Confirm
LP Tokens in your wallet
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Amount to remove
You need to approve the use of the token that represents the liquidity pair so that the liquidity management contract can make the exchange.